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Who is this service recommendable for?

Despite modern cardiological facilities there are patients got over heart attack whose heart muscle damaged significantly. Under the scheme of this programme we provide rehabitative service for the patients who had cardiac surgical procedure before and the period of post-operative  convalescence must precede the lifestyle changes.

The length of the programme: 14 days, 13 nights
Arrival: in the morning hours, for the sake of the planned examinations of the first day.
Departure: on  the 14th day at 11 o’clock after the consultation of the summary medical opinion.

What is the essence of Rehabilitation?

Clear facts and figures prove that the control of risks and physical activity provide improving quality of life and life expectancy. At our institution traditional rehabilitative treatment is gradually turned into a full secondary preventive programme. Similarly patients who had cardiac surgical procedure before, can only get into a planned training plan after basic kinesipathy and state analysis. For those whom the rehabilitation including training plan is not  contraindicated professionally, we offer a quick period of rehabilitation, which is supplemented by further elements of the full secondary prevention.
The local protocol of this institution is set up by the national and international recommendations. We put both institutional and used references at our reporting colleagues’ service.  

The rehabilitation of our patients is done by specialist background, with the help of qualified experts.

We prepare individual, personalised treatment plans with cardiologist and physiotherapeutic experts, physical therapists,  psychotherapist and a dietitian.
The length of stay here at our Medical Resort can be lengthen  with optional days. During these days all the food, kinesitherapy and free time activities are provided. This is done under full medical control of course.

1. Complex state analysis:

  • medical examination, appointment
  • examination of the cardiac veins and great vessels
  • laboratory test, blood-test and clinic urine examination, resting electrocardiography
  • capacity test and estimating functional state by the most modern device, the so called ergospirometry
  • circadian blood pressure determination and electrocardiography monitoring
  • valuing psychological profile
  • dietary customs, determining the state of nourishment, somatometry
  • evaluating values, modelling an individual rehabilitative programme

2.    Establishing a kinesitherapy plan

  • kinesitherapy on Technogym machines
  • individual therapeutic exercise

3.    Healthcare, primary preventive consultancy:

  • we provide healthy food good for your heart during your stay here at the sanatorium
  • taking into consideration the state of your working metabolic rate we provide you a diet drawn up by our dietitian
  • life style counselling with the participation of a psychotherapist

4. Relaxation, facilities of recreation, calm, picturesque environment, clean air

  • excellent natural endowment for the psychosomatic regeneration
  • library, free time activities organised by an animator


  • four-star residence hotel service


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