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Lifestyle & Prevention Programs

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1. Complex state analysis:

  • medical examination, appointment
  • examination of the cardiac veins and great vessels
  • laboratory test, blood-test and clinic urine examination, resting electrocardiography
  • capacity test and estimating functional state by the most modern device, the so called ergospirometry
  • heart echography
  • estimating psychological profile
  • dietary customs, determining the state of nourishment, somatometry
  • evaluating values, estimating individual state of risks

2.    Establishing a kinesitherapy plan

  • kinesitherapy on Technogym machines
  • applying water-jet massage on a Medijet massage bed
  • hydrogymnastics using aqua bicycles
  • a swimming-pool with double couterflow
  • small muscular exercise on Fitvibe machines

3.    Healthcare, primary preventive consultancy:

  • we provide healthy food good for your heart during your stay here at the sanatorium
  • taking into consideration the state of your working metabolic rate we provide you a diet drawn up by our dietitian
  • life style counselling with the participation of a psychotherapist

4. Relaxation, facilities of recreation, calm, picturesque environment, clean air

  • excellent natural endowment for the psychosomatic regeneration
  • usage of wellness with sauna, jacuzzi, Kneip treader and a couterflow swimming-pool
  • library, free time activities organised by an animator
  • wine cellar, drawing-room games, billiard, table football
  • pétangue, table-tennis
  • excellent networking facility
  • four-star residence hotel service

Lifestyle & prevention program

DAY 1.

· FŐNIX assistant (english speaking) will meet you at the Budapest Airport and transfer you to the Főnix Residence Health-Resort. (It is 1 hour driving from Budapest)
· Register to the residence. We kindly ask you to fill out 3 short application forms. We need them to get information about your life habits, to make sure your stay will be the most comfortable in the Residence.
· Inspection of the Castle with english speaking staff member.
· First consultation with our cardiac specialist (Dr. Györgyi Csósza, Dr. Mónika Solymos, Dr. László Rudas) (klikkelhető a CV-re megy)

DAY 2.

· Laboratory test ( Do not drink or eat before the procedure)


· General medical examination, ECG, anthropometric measures (height, weight, skinflod, hip, waist circumference measure)
· Echocardiography
· Exercise test, ergospirometry


· Estimating psychological profile with our psychologist Mr. András Hang

· Dietary consultation - survey of dietary costumes, and after we provide you a diet drawn up by our dietitian

3 – 5. DAY

Daily routine

· Medical visit in the morning hours
· Gymnastics ½ hour -  first time consultation with physiotherapist – composition of daily training program
· Cardio workout ½ hour
· Consultation with psychologist, relaxation training – the psychologist specified frequency
· Massage – turn upon the Specialist’s advice
· Physical therapy – if necessary, turn upon the Specialist’s advice
· Additional medical examinations, if necessary: APBM, ECG holter monitoring, control echocardiography, carotis echography



· You receive your results and medical report on a pen drive.  
· FŐNIX assistant (english speaking) will transfer you at the Budapest Airport . (It lasts 1 hour) You should be there 2 hours before the plane departure!


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Lifestyle & Prevention Programs

Lifestyle & Prevention Programs